'MAMAO' is a fictive creative photography collective, created by two class mates and myself. We had to find a visual identity and use REST API to pull in our data from a backend. I designed the logo and website.

Landing page with logo. Click here to see website
Easy filtration of pictures gathered from Backend via REST API


This is a case assignment for the Danish Road Safety Council. It was a 4-week group project where the purpose was to make a campaign targeting young men in the age range 17-24. The purpose of this campaign were to make young men understand the consequence of driving, even just a little bit too fast. I directed the video, shot and the the final cut. Danish Road Safety Council wants to use this in their social meida campaign. Click here to see campaign website.

For more check out my vimeo here.


I started taking pictures because I wanted to see the world with a more artistic view; notice the beautiful things that surrounds me. I bought a camera and started shooting everything I found appealing on my way. One day as I sat in the train looking at people, I noticed a book laying by itself with no owner. I looked closer and saw that it was “On Photography” by Susan Sontag. I brought the book home with me, and it has been in my mind ever since.
This is a mixed selection of work.